We drive thousands of consumers per day to our websites and landing pages that fill out their info to receive a call about that specific service or product. When a consumers clicks on one of our ads, they are directed to a landing page in which they fill out their personal info to receive a call about that specific product or service. We post the lead directly to your CRM or dialer to be called by your sales team in real time. Your company name will be added into our partners list in the privacy policy, so any lead we send you will be fully TCPA compliant and opt-in to receive calls from your company. We take compliance and quality very seriously.


Inbound calls are the core to a lot of our customers businesses. We understand the importance of keeping the phone ringing with quality prospects for your sales team. We offer consumer initiated inbound calls direct from our owned and operated landing pages and websites. These are consumers that call the 800# on the landing page rather than fill out their information on the form. Any calls from our landing pages are fully exclusive, so if a person calls the 800# then fills out the form later, that lead will always be routed to the call center it was originally sent to. We have hundreds of thousands of visitors to our pages each month via search, email, push and social media traffic so our call volume is significant and consistent. In addition to click to call leads, we also offer pre-qualified live agent transfers in some verticals. These calls are pre-qualified by call center agents and transferred live to your sales agent. All calls come with a minimum qualifying time and are all fully TCPA compliant.


Direct Mail marketing has been a part of our business for over 10 years. Over the last few years our direct mail side of the business has picked up significantly, we are now mailing hundreds of thousands of mail pieces per week for our clients and growing. We have tested millions of dollars in data and mail pieces to determine which work best for which industries, and we bring that experience and expertise to the table for all of our clients. Our mail house here in Florida allows us to make changes and adjustments to mail pieces in real time, and our in house data team manages all of the data being used to ensure all fresh, accurate data with the best response rates. Inbound calls from our direct mail campaigns have some of the highest close percentages in the industry, all fully TCPA compliant and take the headache and additional cost out of outbound dialing for your agents.


Seafront Marketing manages millions of data records across many different verticals. Opt-in aged leads and data lists are one of our specialties. If your sales floor dials on data or aged leads, we can provide you with high quality leads that work great for outbound dialing. We like to work hands on with our data buyers, going over dialer reports, making sure contact rate/transfers/sales are in line every week and performance is there week in and week out. Many of our aged/data buyers have been working with us for over 7 years and trust us with multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

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