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Mass Tort Leads: Connect with Potential Clients in Mass Tort Litigation

Mass Tort Lead Generation

The art of marketing in the legal space. Building, sustaining, and growing successful lead campaigns for law firms.

At Seafront Marketing we understand the complexities involved in mass tort litigation and the importance of connecting with the right client that has been affected by a specific product of incident. Our marketing campaigns are highly targeted and we have spent tens of millions of dollars on advertising in the legal space to know what works and what doesn’t.

Our clients are long term partners, we are more than just a lead provider. We work as an extension of your firm and intake center.


*Camp LeJuene * Paraquat * Round Up * Talcum * Hernia Mesh *3M * Tylenol/APAP * Zantac * Hair Straightener


Why choose Seafront Marketing?

  1. Experience – With over 15 years of experience in performance based lead generation, we understand creating quality campaigns is more than running traffic to ads. Legal lead generation takes a lot of time and money to figure out. We know which ads work best with which traffic, and we know how to turn a possible client into a signed retainer.
  1. Dedication – We are dedicated to our clients/partners because we are only successful if you are. Your firm will have a dedicated account manager you can reach at any time that will stay in close contact with you to during the campaign to ensure campaign success and sustainability.
  1. Quality – Quality over quantity has been our motto for years. It’s easy to generate a ton of leads that don’t qualify, but that’s not going to work. We focus on creating quality ads with pre-qualifiers to ensure the person you speak with fully fits your criteria and is ready to speak with you about their case.
  1. Compliance – We maintain strict adherence to ethical standards and compliance with legal regulation in our lead generation process. Rest assured our leads are all generated through legitimate means, prioritizing privacy and confidentiality throughout.

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Our Top Performing Tort Campaigns:

*Camp LeJuene * Paraquat * Round Up * Talcum * Hernia Mesh *3M * Tylenol/APAP * Zantac * Hair Straightener

Expand your mass tort practice and connect with individuals seeking justice and compensation through our Mass Tort Leads service. We are committed to supporting your firm’s growth by providing you with high-quality leads that have the potential to become valuable clients. Let us handle the lead generation process while you focus on advocating for your clients’ rights.

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